As the school is a DBAT academy, the Local Board has delegated authority to set the admissions arrangements for the school and, following consultation, has now set the policy for the September 2020 intake (please see below).

Children are entitled to a full-time place in the September following their fourth birthday. However; there are some circumstances in which parents can seek a place for their child outside of their normal age group.  In addition, from 2015, parents of a summer born child may choose not to send that child to school until the September following their fifth birthday.  This is explained further in the Admissions Policy (see below).

Applications for Reception Year entry for the academic year starting in September 2019 must be submitted to Wiltshire Council, County Hall, Trowbridge, using the Wiltshire Council common application form. The majority of school applications are now done online, although a paper application can also be downloaded from the Wiltshire Council website.

Please click here to apply online or to download a paper application form.

Parents of children wishing to change schools during the school year can also download the appropriate form from the Wiltshire Council website here.

The Admissions Department at Wiltshire Council can be contacted for advice on 01225 713010 or emailed at

More guidance is available in the Admissions Code (see below) but if you need any help with the admissions process, or with downloading any of the forms, please contact us on 01249 720213.

2022-23 Admissions Policy

2021-22 Admissions Policy 

2020-21 Admissions Policy

Admissions Code

Wiltshire Council’s Determined Coordinated Scheme for 2017-18

Nursery Admissions Code

Pre-school admissions policy 2022-23

Pre-school admissions policy 2021-22

Pre-school admissions policy 2020-21



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