Residential 2017

Residential 2017

Our Year 5 and 6 children have arrived safely at Hill House.  This afternoon’s activities have included:  a scavenger hunt, pool and Olympic Games.

Here are the first photos in:


Day 2

Sleep was quite difficult last night due to the extreme heat, but everyone was tired after a busy first day, so eventually settled down for the night.   This morning they have enjoyed a delicious breakfast with pancakes and fruit.


Team building was the main theme from this morning’s activities.  Everyone is getting along and enjoying themselves.  This afternoon they will all try their hand at archery and they are all looking forward to another tasty meal together this evening.

Day 3

After a fantastic night’s sleep all round, everyone is very well rested and excited. They all had a great evening yesterday designing and making their own parachutes for eggs.  The Great Egg Drop will be carried out just before they leave. Today has been filled with various activities including making shelters and fires.  Fantastic work from everyone.

There will be a disco this evening which is currently putting a smile on everyone’s faces.

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